Turning the Tables: Part IV– Welcome Drey!

Today I’m chatting with the famous and distinguished, Drey, of Drey’s Library. Over on her website, she eloquently explores books, their themes and her analysis of what works and what doesn’t for each she chooses to review. She also explores various parts of her life, offering a unique view into an IT guru/book-lover’s life! I’m so happy to have her here and find out more about Drey!

1. What was your favorite subject in school? Least favorite? 

I loved Math and English! But for some reason Physics totally stumped me. It kinda figures that I’d get Calculus just fine, but can’t apply anything Mathematical… 

2. In the book, the name of Carolyn’s love interest is “Jeep,” or “Money” as she pseudo-affectionately calls him. What’s your favorite character “pet name” from a book or movie?

You know, I really don’t know. I guess stuff like that is temporary with me – it’s there when I’m reading or watching, and then poofs when I’m done…

3. Coors Light or Chardonnay?

Neither. Light beer messes up my insides, and the only white wine I drink is Pinot Grigio. Put a glass of Merlot or Shiraz, or a yummy martini, in front of me though, and it might disappear… 😉

4. What teacher do you remember most? Why?

My 10th grade History teacher. She made it fun and interesting. I still remember her, too – name, mannerisms, etc. AND I still remember some of the facts I learned then. Which is amazing, really, considering how many schools I went to (military brat), and how long it’s been since 10th grade. o.O

5. What advice would you give to young women just out of college?

Figure out what you want to do with your life – for you – before you decide on a boy. Because the boy may not want to go where you do, and a girl should never have to change what she wants out of life for a boy. Wanting to change is a different story, but that’s completely dependent on knowing what you want in the first place. 

6. Is your first post-college love, someone to remember or someone to forget, why?

Ah. It was short-lived, but I still remember him, and fondly. Nobody else has sung to me from The Little Shop of Horrors, in such a lovely tenor, nor looked so sexy dancing in a kilt. 😉 

7. Talk about your first job—one to remember or one to forget? Why?

I don’t think you can choose to forget your first job. Good or bad, it’s always going to be first in a category in your life. My first job, ever, was as a sales clerk at a pricey lingerie store (La Perla) at a high-end mall. It was quiet (there’s not a lot of people who’ll shop for high-end lingerie in a mall, in a Muslim country), and I got to hang out with my friend Anna-Marie. My first job post-college is your typical nerdy-geek IT programming thing. Pretty forgettable, except for the experience I gained, and the friends I made. Definitely not as “fun” as the lingerie job though!

8. In thinking about your circle of friends right out of college—what do you remember most about the time you spent together?

We went dancing every weekend, and shot pool on the weekend days we were out but not dancing… 🙂 Now we’re all married with children, and dispersed to different states…

9. How about villainous bosses? Was your first job a version of “Devil Wears Prada” or “Mentor from Heaven?”

I haven’t had a “Devil Wears Prada” boss from hell, but neither have I really had a boss be a mentor either – instead I had friends help me when I needed it, and I’m thankful for them.

10. Did your in-laws welcome you with open arms or scare you off with inside jokes and hoops to jump through?

Hah! My husband’s mother hasn’t spoken to us since we got married. So… Not a bad thing, right? I mean, imagine if she had

11. Carolyn’s hopefully someday future sisters-in-law used “The House of Mirth” to talk about her in negative ways…did you ever feel like you were a character in a book?

Luckily I’ve not had the pleasure… And hopefully I never will. 

Don’t forget to visit Drey at her site, Drey’s Library, as it is teeming with fantastic information and fun posts.

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