“The Christmas Coat comes across as a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol.”

Two days before Christmas, ornery Elliot Ebberts is tasked with school drop-off. Distracted by an important real estate transaction, he’s short on holiday happiness. Snarled by carpool chaos his extravagant, lucky coat goes missing. In a panic, he starts his search, tracing the coat’s path as it passes through the hands of good people in dire situations.


Meanwhile, his plan to WOW his wife Libby with an ostentatious gift reveals Elliot’s shallowness to the world and mortifies his entire family. Is it too late for him to rediscover the meaning of Christmas, to remember who he is without all the trappings of the job that defines him? Can Libby and their children ever forgive him?

Interested in a short, sweet Christmas story? The Christmas Coat is free, it’s fun, and available in ebook, audio, and print! Check it out.