Christmas Past and Present

Along with Santa, the Christmas tree might be the most commercially recognizable symbol of the season. In our house we try to put our two trees up in mid November even if we don’t finish decorating them until closer to December. There’s something nice about slowly unveiling all the family decorations and the stories that go with them versus the all out rush we’ve had in certain years when we wait to start until well into December. It does make for a messier house as the bins of ornaments sit out for some time as we complete the process, but we have locked that in as “the way,” to do it.

I love the article linked here because it brings to life the past and also reflects reality over fantasy. There are ideal decors, decorations, trees and festivities we all associate with Christmas. In our minds we recall the highest fashion, the best of all that can be, but the photos below reflect real life way back when, when trees were spindly and only sometimes did they look like perfection.

But really, for the families involved, I’m sure each one was its own version of prefect.

(Black and white photo from article)