Love and Other Subjects

A Novel by Kathleen Shoop

Love and Other Subjects cover

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For every woman who wonders if she chose the right career…

Carolyn Jenkins strives for two things–to be the greatest teacher ever and to find true love. She’s as skilled at both as an infant trying to eat with a fork. Carolyn’s suburban upbringing and genuine compassion for people who don’t fit effortlessly into society are no match for weapon-wielding, struggling students, drug-using colleagues, and a wicked principal.

Meanwhile, her budding relationship with a mystery man is thwarted by his gaggle of eccentric sisters. Carolyn depends on her friends to get her through the hard times, but with poverty-stricken children at her feet and a wealthy man at her side, she must define who she is.

The reality of life after college can be daunting, the road to full-fledged adulthood long and unscripted. Can Carolyn take control and craft the existence she always wanted?

“Great writing grabs you by the throat from the first sentence without ever letting go. Ms. Shoop’s latest novel “Love and Other Subjects” opens with middle school teacher Carolyn Jenkins confronting a student with a gun pointed at the belly of a classmate. What happens next establishes the tone for everything that follows in this alternately tense, hilarious and poignant tale of love, friendships across racial lines, inner city public school politics and dysfunctional family relationships… “Love and Other Subjects” is solid literary fiction.”
-Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“…Dramatic adventure, and the daring will survive at all costs! If you are a reader who enjoys love stories, who likes tales where courage and spirit might just conquer all, then Love and Other Subjects is the book for you.”
– Regis Schilken for Midwest Book Review and BlogCritics


“Kathleen Shoop understands the passions of love, life, and career that every young woman faces. Love and Other Subjects will touch your heart, make you laugh, and leave you wanting more. You’ll feel like you’re reading about your best friends. Highly recommended.”
– International Bestselling Author, Melissa Foster