Turning the Tables: Part V–Welcome, Vera of Luxury Reading!

For all you readers out there looking for a new book there’s a place on the web you have to check out–Vera and her associates at Luxury Reading make finding your next great read easy. Maybe one day it’s children’s books you’re after then fiction, graphic novels, home and garden, or books that soothe your mind, body and soul! Not only does Luxury Reading carefully, elegantly sort through books to reveal insights into why a book works or doesn’t, Vera also hosts giveaways. Who can’t use the opportunity to win a book?

The reviews at Luxury Reading are a must-stop for any reader. Bookmark her site! Vera is a lover of books for their content, their feel, for everything that book-lovers understand inherently! Today, we’ve chosen some questions inspired by my latest novel, [amazon_link id=”B00AN99FIQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Love and Other Subjects[/amazon_link], and she has graciously answered them! Take a look below and learn a little more about Vera!

Thanks so much for stopping, Vera!

  1. What was your favorite subject in school? Least favorite? My favorite was history. Least favorite was math.
  2. In the book, the name of Carolyn’s love interest is “Jeep,” or “Money” as she pseudo-affectionately calls him. What’s your favorite character “pet name” from a book or movie? “Big” from Sex and the City. It was such a shock to discover he had an actual name in the end!
  3. Coors Light or Chardonnay? Chardonnay
  4. What teacher do you remember most? Why? My French teacher. I never really like French in particular, but she was always there for me as a mentor or when I needed to vent.
  5. What advice would you give to young women just out of college? Learn to manage your finances and excel in it. So many of us don’t even think about this aspect of our lives and can easily get into trouble financially. Don’t depend on the men in your life to do it for you.
  6. Is your first post-college love, someone to remember or someone to forget, why? Someone to remember J He’s my husband now.
  7. Talk about your first job—one to remember or one to forget? Why? It took me a while to get a serious job after college, so meanwhile I worked at a clothing store. It’s definitely one to forget – it was not my scene and I was miserable doing it. Plus I usually left my entire paycheck there – couldn’t resist the clothes!
  8. In thinking about your circle of friends right out of college—what do you remember most about the time you spent together? I’ve stayed friends with all my girls from college, so what I remember the most is just being separated in different cities, not being able to stop over whenever we wanted.
  9. How about villainous bosses? Was your first job a version of “Devil Wears Prada” or “Mentor from Heaven?” No villainous bosses – thankfully the ones I encountered either ignored us employees or tried to mentor us in some way.
  10. Did your in-laws welcome you with open arms or scare you off with inside jokes and hoops to jump through? They were very welcoming – although I met them before we were even engaged. I had to fly across the country to meet them since it was stressful to be in this completely new environment AND meeting new people, but it went well.
  11. Carolyn’s hopefully someday future sisters-in-law used “The House of Mirth” to talk about her in negative ways…did you ever feel like you were a character in a book? No, but I’m still looking for a book to compare my life to!