Tiny Historical Series

Melonhead Kathleen Shoop Book Cover
Johnstown Kathleen Shoop Book Cover

This series offers short stories to readers who love historical fiction. They are connected only in the sense that they are set in the past. And that’s what makes them fun. Each story is its own little universe to be read in the waiting room, the carpool line, or just before falling asleep. The stories provide readers who are new to Kathleen Shoop’s writing a chance to try it out. For those who can’t get enough of her writing, the tiny stories offer the opportunity to enjoy another great tale in between novel releases.

Praise for The Series

“Heavy rains were predicted but the warnings fell on deaf ears. For a really short story this brought quite a lot of emotion, it was heartbreaking as I read the devastating tale reminding us of the harsh realities of nature’s force. The author’s writing, as always, had me feeling like I was a spectator watching everything unfold, my heart went out to little Maggie so much and at one point I had to catch my breath. A little story with a huge emotional impact!”
— Beck Valley Books

“Having read and enjoyed both books in the Donora series I was thrilled that the author decided to write a short novelette about one of the characters. Louis Smith was not exactly someone that people would befriend–Hilde was the only person who saw beyond his disfigurement to the heart and soul of Louis. Then her parents sent her away. Louis’ life takes a turn for the worse-he is just about rock bottom. Hilde returns after two long years. The ending will make your heart sing and believe in true love!”
— MikiHope