Hiking the Self-Publishing Path

No, that’s not a euphemism ala Governor Sanford (SC) who “hiked the Appalachian Trail.” I’m not having an affair, but I am going to self-publish one of my novels. And, really it feels a little the same. Not that I would know. Really, I wouldn’t.

Part of me is a little sad to self-publish, to not have my novel traditionally legitimized, but mostly, I’m sure it’s the right thing to do. I will submit the novel I’m nearly finished revising to my agent very soon, so I don’t feel like I’m chopping off my right arm–the self-published novel is not my only book, and hey, I know it will sell. So, there it is, off into the wild world. Or it will be soon…

So, while my blog in the past has meandered and spiked and fallen like Governor Sandford’s Appalachian trail hike, I’ve decided that I will focus much of my blog on the path to self-publication. Not that I won’t hit on current events-both mine and those of the rich and famous, but mostly, I’ll report on the self-publishing thing. And some other shit along the way.

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