Chicken Soup for the Soul–Runners

That’s what I look like when I run…

Well, take away the testosterone, subtract the muscles, and wipe that determined, yet relaxed expression off his face. And, that general “in-shapeness” he’s sporting? Take that away, too and that’s me.

I try. I do.

Here’s the second Chicken Soup book I have a story in this year! For all of you who want to run or already do, there are a hundred stories, many from “real” runners, that are fantastic. And, if you read them and think, “I could have written that,” then do it! Chicken Soup for the Soul is always looking for new perspectives! Anyway, read on and then go run–at least to the refrigerator or bathroom or mailbox. Do something runnerish today.

And if you know me, please buy one. Give it away, leave it in a coffee shop, give it to the homeless, offer it to your local RIF program, but please, buy one. Because you love me.

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