Quote of the Day, Song of the Week

“Every successful man has a clawing, bitch of a wife.”
–anonymous friend in Brueggers

Hmmm. Discuss.

Okay, I’ll discuss.

Is this true?

Don’t look at me. I’m as sweet as a wife can be.

To help you muse about it, listen to Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling In Love With You and then get back to me.

One more point to consider:
1. there’s a difference between a “bitchy wife,” and “a bitch of a wife.”

It seems the bitch of a wife brings out the bitch like a tool and knows when to use it. A bitchy wife is like a whiny child. Not effective at getting what she wants, but carrying the stigma of bitch around with her anyway–wears bitchy like a coat rather than stowing the bitch away in her coat pocket for just that right moment.

Again, I wouldn’t know.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Song of the Week

  1. I’ve always heard “Behind every successful man is a woman who has to put up with his sh!t.” At least, that’s what my wife says…

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