Book, Song, Quote of the Week

Okay, Book of the WeekTuesday Tells it Slant by Holly Christine
This one’s a fantastic story about Tuesday Morning–a woman searching for herself by visiting her past and recognizing where her future lies…

Song of the Week
You’re Gonna Go Far Kid
Well, just listen to it, if you exercise your demons, your fat ass, or just for fun, this one will be a happy addition to your list…

And Finally…Quote of the Week–
“At some point, everyone’s from Lawrenceville
–William Rencroft
This quote came during a conversation about people who think they’re superior to others. And, in Pittsburgh, everyone knows that somewhere down the line, even the snootiest person is tethered to a gaggle of immigrants who lived ten to a three-room apartment, over a bar, and behind a steel mill.

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