What the hell?

This part has nothing to do with the intended post, but I can’t stop from saying that upon entering Bruegger’s this morning, I was struck by two very large-headed men. I’m not talking a little outsized, like the men had to wear men-sized caps since they were three but their bodies grew into their noggins, no, these chaps had heads so large–truly basketball-sized though more ovally in shape–that I am 100% certain they had to special order their Penn State hats. NO way did they just pull them off the rack at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Well, that was odd enough, but like I said, they’re related, so it made sense that one would share the other’s globe-like head-size, but then it continued, a steady stream of enormous-headed men.  Inexplicable.

And yes, I realize that on a given day some man probably leaves the coffee shop wondering why there were so many big-assed women there. Just one of those eerie things, I guess.

So, onto my post.

I’m a little burnt out. Sarah Ban Breathnach tells me so. Her book, Simple Abundance, which I read for the first time about 12 years ago or so is the book that helped me see what my true calling in life was–to be a writer. I learned so many lessons in the book–how to appreciate the world as is, not how I want it to be. How to create a home environment that feels comfy and beautiful to me, to create instead of consume, to write, to do the thing, the work, that would make me happy at the time, not wait for retirement or when there was more time or money or whatever…

Well, I did it, and Sarah’s lessons have stuck, but of course with the addition of children, much of the reflection and appreciation of the beauty of my own belongings has gone down the toilet with all the wet-ones. Now that the kids are in school and I’m consulting part-time and writing the rest, I’m suddenly so tired, not excited about the work that I used to fight to weasel forty minutes of, into my day.  When friends of mine met for brunch or shopping or girls weekends away, I wrote. And I loved it.  So what’s the deal now that I have some breathing room?  I don’t know, but I’m confused and back to reading Simple Abundance, rediscovering all the lost appreciation that I have the life that I do.

Anyway, something I’m fascinated with that I would love to have be a central part of my existence but I’m smart enough to know it never will be is gardening, making meals from scratch, all that stuff.  There’s an article in the Post-Gazette this morning called "Fired-up." It’s a tremendous piece about Braddock, PA and a new community oven that’s opening right across from the Edgar Thompson Works.  This is the coolest thing I could ever imagine and the fact that it’s happening in a town that is redefining itself after its illustrious steel days, deep depression, and is plodding along, still with some steel, still with steely people.  I don’t know, people like Ray Werner who decided this would be a useful, meaningful community building project and then followed through with it, are amazing to me.  Very cool thing.

And finally. My horoscope says "Punctuality puts you in perfect pitch. You might not be able to hit all the high notes, but if your timing is right no one will notice. Get a head start on any deadline to be met, as energies may become sluggish." How do these psychics do this? I’m never ever late, ever. And though I almost never hit high notes, my energy nearly always becomes sluggish.  Wow, these people are something.

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