View From Starbucks

 I forgot how different the city is.

In Oakmont the dress seems to stretch from every imaginable type of chino—pants to skirts to shorts—and sweat pants. There are chunks of people you might see in suits. Except for the suits, the chino and sweat crowd occupy pretty much the bulk of clothing.
Then in the city the dress is everything, anything, all things imaginable and even some that are not…some people are dressed in frocks that could easily work at a cocktail party or a formal affair to one slight fellow whose clothing was as sparse as his teeny, thin body. I do love it, the variation. None of the people look like they would ever meet up in life except at Starbucks…From listening in on the conversations I know that’s not true, that even though these people stand together, strangers, their dress trying to say, “I’m nothing like her,” these people could easily be neighbors, possibly are and just don’t know it.
I love that. Love that love that. Here’s the inventory:
  1. Man and woman in suits—pants suit for woman, sleek, ready for business, whatever it is, for sure.
  2. Girl in sequined skirt, pink and white
  3. person in medical field
  4. Two carrie bradshaw wannabees with shoes that absolutely don’t match their dresses…nice try.
  5. Mom in sweats and stroller
  6. Yoga girl—shapely body
  7. Well-built guy bitching with yoga girl about how long line is and all they want is water
  8. Man in suit with guy in polo—like a contractor with a business guy
  9. Girl in jeans polo, tennis shoes, delta gamma
  10. Girl with enormous backpack but dressed in a dressy skirt walked out after looking at menu as though she was disgusted with the menu—but who doesn’t know what’s on a starbuck’s menu? And this girl, even with a backpack big enough to schlep a kitchen table (as though to give the sense she was camping or homeless), has clearly seen the inside of a starbucks before.
  11. Foreign (French, I think) guy tripping people with his large pull suitcase—middle age guy in hiking boots and shorts gets pissed
  12. Male student in wide striped polo
  13. Skinny sight seeing lady—tiny, wearing white shorts, flip flops, tank top—must own something on Craig Street but looks like a tourist
  14. Hunched guy with two kids and wife
  15. Mom with toddler and furry, rabbit decorated, pink blankie
  16. College guy who for some reason has to dress up but has no fashion sense or money but if he had money his beat up brown shoes with grayish brownish wool pants say he wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. Get to Target stat.
  17. Guy with stylish suit pants and button down shirt, looking like dressing for him is nothing—unlike dressed up college guy, this character knows himself and how to make his body work the drape of a set of trousers like a hanger. With girl in summer white dress, curly blond, died hair back in loose bun at nape with brown and tourquoise chunky necklace, high peep toed, nude hued, sandles—def. the best look so far, def. the best dressed couple so far
  18. Naval rotc guy in shirt that says so, khakis and docksider shoes—do those still exist? Well there they are.
  19. College guy in grey old button down shirt, jeans and messenger bag, unshaven by a day, flip flops, dark eyes friendly face
  20. Forgeign guy comes back into view…really very handsome when not pissed about the guy who’s pissed at him for tripping over large pull suitcase.
  21. Chunky unshaven guy with meryl shoes, khakis, beige sweater molded to his big belly…computer guy????
  22. Oh yes!! Guy in pin striped pants, light blue stripe on navy blue trousers, blue button down and brown and cream saddle shoes!!!! Sublime. Love a person who knows his look, bizarre as it may be—see lady in summer white dress.
  23. Guy in polo, khaki shorts and computer sitting across from me—eyeing me suspiciously as I eye him. Sunglasses on head. Looking bored with himself perhaps he’s writing about me writing about everyone in the line that snakes between our two tables?
  24. Guy in microfiber shorts olive green, socks that go over the ankles, new balance running shoes, olive green polo type sweater, ipod, oakly glasses and grey and black backpack that match his grey and black tennies.
  25. 60ish Woman in sweater, rayon flowered skirt, elephant ankles and coffee brown loafers—perhaps to change out of at the office? Hopefully? She must.
  26. Woman in tweed grey, black and white stilettos with pearls and diamond apliquae on toes, white sleeveless blouse long grey gabridene walking shorts, tiny woman, good look for her though she has the kind of hair that makes your grandma go, “when the hell are you going to get that rag cut?”
  27. Woman in black shorts, scarf as a headband, huge backpack.
  28. Guy with workout clothes in plastic grocery store bag, wearing chuck taylors, jeans and 16 year old polo shirt.
  29. Guy in brushed cotton pinstriped blazer, dark, shiny jeans, black oxfords white button down shirt—giving the guy who came with the summer lacy white dress a run for his coffee beans.
  30. For Pittsburgh only, guy in tennies, shorts and cut-off t-shirt at arms and mid-driff, with a guy with similar shorts and Steelers shirt
  31. Totally adorable CMU kids one chunky, babyfaced, sweet expression, his buddy is babyfaced, svelt, both carrying baked goods for some God-forsaken reason I can’t fathom…oops what’s this? A lady friend arrives—a fellow student—girl in running shorts and white t-shirt and flip flops—adorable with hair gone wild she’s bearing no baked goods, though. Hmmmm.

3 thoughts on “View From Starbucks

  1. Hey Mike…great comments. I enjoy the insiders view into the technologically elite. I mean who else but a peer could so finely ferret out the difference between a lover of B.G and S.W.? And the midriff in October it’s inexplicable. YOu know that, it simply is a work of art.

    Scott, the man-bag…I love the man-bag. I have a man-bag myself to be sure I always have something to write on and read when I’m caught waiting in traffic or for swim team to end. I have to say I’m quite pleased with the advent of the man-bag because if not for that, I’d have to carry some vibrant Vera Bradley bag around…not that I’m without one, I just prefer the understated, brown canvas man-bag from Target.

    Anti-wife…thanks for the comment…miss you!

  2. Kathie, I loved this blog! How different our dress is here in the south (well, I guess MD is not technically the south). P.S. the “manbag” can be quite sexy. 😉

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