Ahhhhh, how cute…


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Well, looks like dinner anyway, right?

I think the turkeys who roam our neighborhood are interesting if nothing else. By Thanksgiving we’ll have twenty in our yard on a daily basis.

Our one neighbor doesn’t appreciate the site of any wildlife–she’ll bludgeon a snake to death and tear a mouse limb from limb before you can say "Hey look at THAT fricken’ thing!"

She (she’s eighty-eight years old) beat a snake  in front of our babysitter and kids one day. THAT was a story to come home to. It’s true the snake was a fat six-foot black thing that gives me chills just thinking about it, but for me, running, screaming with my hands over my head is the way you handle a big fat black snake.

But, that’s me. A wimp. Or maybe it’s my youth.

What sort of critters show up in your yard?
PS. in case you’re wondering, yes this neighbor of mine hates the deer that stomp around the yard as well. What’s not to hate?

3 thoughts on “Ahhhhh, how cute…

  1. We live in NYC’s burbs, so we don’t get lots of wildlife; however, last winter my daughter found a goat right outside our house. It created a such a stir that a reporter left a homicide and came to do a story on our goat. Not only did it make it to New York Newday, but it was on the radio all day. My daughter was a star.

  2. Fringegirl, that’s hilarious! It def. tops my “expected” wildlife. Although, we live in the burbs, not in the country. Thanks so much for the comment.

  3. I’ve seen lots of wild turkeys (not just at the liquor store) walking around my suburban-wannabe-urban city in recent years. I think they’re having a turf war with the Canada geese though, pity so many squirrels get caught in the crossfire.

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