Foul and Disgusting


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Sorry to do this to you folks. But, in the effort to blog more often I’ve decided to try out various products you’ve seen advertised on tv. So, here’s number 1. These Kinoki pads. I don’t know what they actually do, but I definately got the result the commercial suggested I would. Here’s round one.

And again, my apologies, but in the end, if we all detoxify and live healthier lives it will be worth that breakfast you just spit up.

6 thoughts on “Foul and Disgusting

  1. Oh – my – goodness!! I’m a little yucky in the tummy right now. All that came out of your feet? I’d hate to see what would come out of mine or worse yet, my daughter’s.

  2. Everyone’s feet sweat. All you did was wet the charcoal and wood inside which stained the cotton part.

    These were debunked in the early 1990s and again when they popped up last year.

    Sorry you wasted your money Kathie!

  3. This is absolutely crazy! From your feet? BUT I am a believer!!!! Detoxification is something I do every winter (to clean out my liver…, but I do that by drinking tea and taking supplements. AND I know many people who the feet detox. I know, I am quite the new age woman.

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