Ahhhh, Fat Friday Again


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It just keeps rolling around without any consent from me. Here it is again. And because I had an article deadline, I’m behind on taking a photo of my knee. Well, though I’ve lost 12 pounds, my knees don’t look any different at all.
So, in my haste to post this, I’m posing a knee shot from two weeks ago. I’ll update you next week when I have something to show for what I hope will be 15 pounds.

So, I’m supposed to be having my ass kicked at Cross-fit right now. But I finished proofing the article for the 91st time at 10:05. Isn’t that miraculous?

I’ll either attend tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning for the first time. I’m really going to do it. I am. I swear.

Happy Friday Everyone!

8 thoughts on “Ahhhh, Fat Friday Again

  1. OMG is that photo huge on this new blog ‘o mine or what????? Sorry if I gave anyone a heart-attack when you arrived on scene…

  2. Okay, I looked at that photo again. It’s absolutely horrific. How stupid of me to think up this crazy fat knee photo. Where is my sense?

  3. I think the pics look fine. Congrats on the 12 pound loss.

    Also, I’m going to put up a link to your site on my blog. Should the text of the link say Housewife Cafe or something else?

  4. Anti-wife, thanks for the encouragement.
    Struggling Writer, thanks for the link and the congrats. I’m still adding to my link list and reorganizing, so I hope that’s okay to link to you!

  5. Awesome that you’ve lost 12 pounds. Your knees — and new blog design — look lovely.

    Have a great Mother’s Day, Kathie!

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