Bounce Back to the Past

I’m sitting here making a list of things to do now that I turned in my article. The list is long and actually is impossible to accomplish unless I don’t stop moving for the next 24 hours. Trouble is, Mult. Scler. gets in the way. Oh, I know everyone’s tired and overscheduled, I get that.

But sometimes MS literally stops me in my tracks and I have to recline and watch bad TV–Possibly the only good thing that comes from having lesions on your grey matter and spinal cord.

So, on the tube there’s an enormous amount of choice, but I’ve gotten myself locked into that movie "Bounce." I saw it when it came out and I didn’t love it, I can’t remember why.

But what strikes me about it right away is that its simple premise (made in 2000) would be nearly impossible to occur these days. Yes, like getting everything on my list done.

That is, one guy has a plane ticket that he doesn’t want to use so he hands it to another guy "Here take this," and the poor fellow does. Of course the plane crashes. And there’s the whole paper ticket thing that gave me a chuckle, too. It’s amazing how fast we forget certain things exist–like multi-colored, rectangualr cardstock tickets that can easily be switched over to another consenting adult.


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