7 thoughts on “Creating Healthy Families–Adopting Children

  1. Congrats, Kathie! I’ll check it out. I have several friends who have adopted through various sources — Russia, Guatemala and private. They each had their own ordeals to handle but it was all worth it. They have a peace and happiness about them that I didn’t know had been missing until they became parents.

  2. Hi Julie,
    it is amazing what people who adopt have to go through. It’s good in a way, that it protects vulnerable children, but when people are in the middle of it, it just seems painful. There are so many great stories–each of the families in the article could warrant their own article, but it really can be a wonderful experience in the end.

  3. Hey Jennifer, this is my second cover story and I’ve gotten a ton of feedback, verbally, but nothing otherwise. The mag. doesn’t post our emails or websites so I think that plays into it…at least I’m going with that thought. Thanks for reading.

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