Okay, I just can’t break the tie…

So, I’ll just say there are three winners!!!  I realize this is not the way of the world to just throw out the competition and say “Everyone wins!”  But The Donald did it once so, so can I!!! 

I agree with Cindy, each story could be stretched into something larger…remember me when you’ve sold this thing to Atria or something.

In the world of tons of writer rejection I’m going to take you all and send you your prize.  Please email me your addresses!


6 thoughts on “Okay, I just can’t break the tie…

  1. Yay, thank you! It is nice to win something, however undeserved.

    I have just noticed one of the ads on your blog, Kathie — “Meet 500,000-plus Indians for Marriage.” Now, there is some serious polygamy for you! Unless that happens to mean ‘500,000 Indians who support the institution of marriage.’ Nah, too far-fetched. Unless they’re all newlyweds… (Sorry, I am having a rather cynical day…)

  2. Kathie…I’m bummed I missed your contest. I guess we were in Colorado. I hope there will a next time because those writing prompts were awesome. BTW I also find those messages all over the place. One time I filled the entire back of an ATM receipt with stuff.

  3. Hey Everyone, by all means, make use of this contest win when you query. I’ll vouch for any of you! I’m sorry Kathy and Dana missed it, I’ll have a new one upon my return from vacation! Thank so much for the participation and comments, you all make my day.

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