Vacation, Contest Winners, Ads, & Justin

Hey everyone, I’m leaving for vacation and won’t blog all week.  I’ll be relaxing (okay, keeping my kids from being swept into the sea or eaten by sharks) on the beach, recharging my energy to finish my current WIP upon my return.

Anti-wife, Jaye, and Mary, I have to profusely apologize in that I won’t be able to mail your books until I return.  I had a car accident at the beginning of the week and that event set the whole week on its ear and I still have one book to buy before mailing! 

Mary, the ads popping up on my site are bizarre, usually I can figure out what I said that brings a particular ad, but not this time…

Justin, our lovely poet…provided me with a terrific interview, but I’m still working it into an actual post with links and poetry excerpts.  So, visit him at Untalented Writer (which he’s not) and I’ll post that when I return as well.

 Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to visiting everyone soon! 


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