I’m not dead, I just play a dead girl on TV…

heheheheheeee.  One of these days you’re going to check back here and there’s going to be a link to my obit instead of my usual groveling after being gone for so long post that always follow my unexpected, unannounced leaves of absence.

But, not yet.  I’m here, though barely.  Just life stuff like everyone else and revision/preparation for a writing conference–PennWriters–this weekend. But, sometimes I can’t do it all and either the blogging suffers or my novels do–I have to choose the novels!!!  Someday I’ll find some balance.

Anyway, I do truly miss hearing from everyone and if it makes anyone feel good, I shoulder tremendous guilt throughout my blogless cycles.  I really do.  Can’t wait to get back to your blogs as well, especially.  I could read you guys all day long.

I’ll leave you with this

I’ve blogged about driving in Pittsburgh, how people in Pittsburgh can sit at a red light for, quite seriously, twenty seconds and no one will beep at them to move their ass.  We’re really quite wonderful over here in Pittsburgh.

6 thoughts on “I’m not dead, I just play a dead girl on TV…

  1. Oh, yeah, baby! Pittsburgh is making a serious comeback (minus the apparently high particle count in the air). Of course, they may be courteous but today EVERY driver was driving super slow and stupid. Must have been the wonder of seeing so much sun.

    Welcome back, Kathie. We missed you. I’ve been only dabbling in my novel versus my blog, so you are probably on to something and the smarter path. It is so hard to multitask and not want to drop over.

  2. Welcome back, Kathie! We missed you!

    Pittsburgh drivers are amazing. Just yesterday, I was pulling out of a residentail side street onto a throughway but, before I pulled out, I decided to send my daughter a text message to remind her to pick up something at school. No one was behind me. So, I’m sitting there texting (I’m not so fast at this) for a minute or two, then I look up and see a car in my rearview mirror, just waiting for me to finish. No beeping, nothing!

    However, like Susan, I don’t like the super-slow drivers that are often out on the weekends. Give me rush hour driving anytime, over meandering behind someone who breaks for, I don’t know, air.

    Have a great day!

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