Check out this sweet site…

Every once in a while I stumble on a site that’s sure to derail any good works I have planned for the day.  Still, it’s worth it. 

It’s a site that posts those terrific notes that people leave one another in offices, shared apartments and even on storefronts.  They’re well worth the look and wasted time.

 How is everyone???  Good I hope. 


4 thoughts on “Check out this sweet site…

  1. Kathie, I loved reading the notes. People are so creative and funny, especially when they’re not trying to be!

    The one about leaving things on the office chair (and wanting to poke eyes out) reminds me of sharing a computer with teenagers. Everytime I re-visit MY coveted space, it’s been altered in some way, including the mandatory littering with food wrappers and empty Coke cans (despite the fact that there is an attractive garbage receptacle, no kidding, 18 inches away) to the more important shuffling of my oh-so-essential reference guides.

    Kids are fun, as you know, Kathie. In time, they grow their own mannerisms, thoughts, and opinions. Yikes!

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