At Least I’m Not This Guy

I’ve been grumpy, tired of Jake’s recovery.  I know that’s mean, he’s the one in pain, but now two weeks into it, I’m getting a little irritated.

I’m so irritated that when doing errands yesterday I saw a woman come out of a liquor store under the weight of a box of booze.  NOt a box o wine, but a cardboard moving box filled with clanking bottles.

And passing by her, in full grump-mode, my mind said “booze-hound.”  I had to stop and turn around to be sure I didn’t say it out loud and if I did, that she didn’t hear me. 

It was very weird to have such a random, uncalled for thought to come to mind.  It happened twice yesterday and I can’t remember the other context, but when I do, I’ll update you.


At least I’m not this guy.

Apparently he was released from jail to donate a kidney to his son.  Instead of saving his child’s life, he went out to Mexico for a beer. Or a box of liquor or something fun like that.

Yes, I’m mortified at my impatience the last two days, but, at least I’m not him.

11 thoughts on “At Least I’m Not This Guy

  1. In defense of booze hounds: Maybe the woman with the box of bottles was stocking up for a party?

    I don’t have any excuse for the runaway dad though.

  2. It’s been a year and his son got another kidney, but I think they should take this guy’s kidney anyway.

    I’ve been in that irrational, acidic place many times. And it’s part stress and part guilt over not being perfect enough to not let the stress affect you. And seriously, “booze hound” is the best you could come up with? When I get in that mood my thoughts resemble Quentin Tarantino dialogue.

  3. Kathie, I think if you’d have been nicer to the booze-hound, she might have invited you to the party!

    Seriously Kathie, hang in there! This is a long recovery, but Jake will soon turn a corner. (My son missed about 2.5 weeks of school and then I started him going only half-days for awhile.) He will be weak but will bounce back quickly!

    Regarding the kidney escapee, I agree with Jaye Wells above. I think they should find a suitable recipient and make him donate a kidney anyway.

    Have a great weekend! (You should snoop the streets for the booze-hound again. She might offer you a sip of something good!)

  4. When my kids get sick, I’m the proverbial nutcase parent. I can’t stand it when they scrape a knee. They say I’m overprotective.

    I dunno…doesn’t every mother styrofoam the pointy zipper edges on their 10 year old’s bookbag?

    I hope Jake’s feeling better soon. Sooner than soon.

  5. Hope Jakey’s feeling better soon. It is very stressful to have a sick kid, I know. As for having unkind thoughts, well, if that’s the worst thing you’ve done all day you’re ahead of most of mankind.

    P.S. “Sauce Monster” is the new “Booze Hound”

  6. Geesh, I’m away for a bit and Kathie gets cranky! But there’s nothing you can do to ever top this guy – I hope they take away both his kidneys!

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