Memorial Day/Friday Night Lights/American Idol

Hi everyone,

I hope all is well in web-land as I’ve been missing in action the last month or so. 

This weekend is an important one and not just for the guys signed up for hot-dog eating contest.

I don’t agree with this war for lots of reasons.  But, I have tremendous respect for the soldiers.  I can’t imagine being one–I couldn’t do it.

One talk show host in Pittsburgh, Lynn Cullen, always intersperses her liberal (really, she is middle of the road when you get past the label) takes on the world with the names of the most recent soldiers killed.  And invariably when she starts that list I reach for the dial, thinking, there must be something more compelling on than that.  That reflex to change the station chills me.

I never turn the dial.  I force myself to listen to every name, their age, their rank and I call to mind a picture of who the guy or woman might be.  Why do I have to force myself to listen?  I mean, if I can’t take the time to hear the names of those dying in our name, then what does that say?  Sadly, I’m not the only one reaching for the dial–whatever dial is available when the reality of what’s happening comes to the fore.

Anyway, Memorial Day deserves more contemplation than most of us give it–yes, including me–and it might be good if we all really reflected on what’s happening in the world today, in our name.

On a lighter note NBC is running Friday Night Lights on Sundays now.  My God, don’t miss it this time.  I know I’m harping, but now’s your chance.  There’s not one character on that show who isn’t worth watching–who doesn’t engage me every week.  And next time I post a profile of each and every character I’d like someone besides me to comment, damn-it.  I don’t believe you all have better things to do than me, I just don’t.

American Idol is over and that’s a good thing.  But I’m glad Jordan won.  My husband liked Blake all along and he liked him much better than sweet Jordan.  I don’t get that.  Blake never appealed to me.  Bill was always like, “Oh yeah, Blake’s the best performer, he looks like he was born up there.”  Well, no, I don’t think so.  Blake’s better than me and everything, but seriously, I didn’t see it.  Most of the voters did, I guess.  And isn’t that what makes this show so good? 

A little something for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day/Friday Night Lights/American Idol

  1. Thank you for the beautiful Memorial Day post! My uncle was killed at age 19 (I never knew him) in the line of duty for this country. He was gunned down on Anzio Beachhead in Italy during WWII. My father was in the Navy at the time on a ship in the Pacific. He had written a letter to his brother and it was returned with a stamped message on the front that read “Deceased.” That’s how he found out his brother had died.

    We look up my uncle at the memorial each time we go to D.C. It’s the least we can do for our kids in his memory. My brother has my uncle’s Purple Heart and the flag that rested on his casket. Shockingly, because the situation was so dire, my uncle was buried in a mass grave in Italy for over two years before his family finally received his remains. In general, the older population in this country doesn’t get the respect they deserve. They have lived through things we find painful just to read about.

    At a party I attended recently, people were debating about who should receive the Purple Heart. Apparently, the qualifications were more strict in the past and now the awards are handed out more freely. I feel they should give the Purple Heart to anyone who dies while serving this country. I don’t care if it’s handed to a warrior or a cook who got burned in a kitchen fire. Had it not been for his/her commitment to serve our country, that cook wouldn’t have been working at that time and place and might have been saved.

    Sorry to go on, Kathie, but I do appreciate your honor and memory. While we sit safely here sipping daquaris and watching our kids jump into the crystal blue water on opening day at the pool, soldiers are separated from their families for no other reason than to protect us.

    I’m with you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re left or right or inbetween. We all need to pray for and respect each an every soldier — it’s the least we can do.

  2. Judy,
    your experience through your father and uncle is moving. The shock to discover a death, through a stamped letter like that. I can’t imagine. I too agree that the purple heart should go to those who die while in service–even if they aren’t holding a weapon at the time. Seriously, I could never do it–any of it. My grandfather was a Rear Admiral in the Navy and my father was a Navy pilot–my mother was a Navy brat and a Navy wife for a while, so I know the whole thing–or I should say, I know OF the culture and committment to the armed forces and it’s not an easy life. Thanks a lot for your thoughtful post–it wasn’t too long at all–and enjoy the weekend.

  3. Sandi,
    I loved Melinda, too. She’ll do great without the win–like Jennifer Hudson. She and Lakisha were fabulous, too, but there’s something about a seventeen year old Idol who looks a little more the part than the other two–when I think of idol material. But, there’s no way Lakisha and Melinda are headed back to their old lives after the work they did. I love American Idol for that reason, seeing people make their dreams come true is the greatest thing, I think.

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