The Tonsil Chronicles

Hi everyone.  Thanks so much for all the congrats on the award.

I’ll post a bit here and there the next few days, but my son Jake is having his tonsils removed tomorrow and this promises to be a memorable experience.  Either he’ll shock the hell out of me and have somehow borrowed someone elses pain thresh-hold for the event, or he’s going to be so upset when he wakes up that his stiches rip out due to his vomiting at the site of the IV, etc.

I’m voting that he shocks the hell out of me with his guts and bravery.  I’ll keep you posted.

And as far as the bra post goes–it’s a comin’.  I’ve got some good stuff for ya all.

See you soon.

Oh, and watch Friday Night Lights, would ya? 



6 thoughts on “The Tonsil Chronicles

  1. Break out the DVDs and the popsicles, Kathie! I hope your son surprises you with a peaceful recovery. It’s a huge experience for any kid. My advice is to keep him medicated. It’s ridiculously painful (then again, I think manicures are painful)! Good luck! (Let us know how he’s doing.)

  2. Good luck to Kathie Jr. He’s young, he’ll bounce back quickly.

    I’d love to have my tonsils out again. I had the operation in college and lost 15 pounds. It was the only time in my life I was a size 6.

  3. Friday Night Lights has to be my favorite show on television today. The acting is amazing, and the dialog is so real. I find myself wondering how the Taylors will deal with parenting situations.

    Did you know that Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor) was the “handsome actor” in King Kong?

  4. Thanks everyone, for your well wishes for Jake…I’ll post about it now…Scott, thank you for being the one reader at the cafe who watches the damn show!!! Boy it’s good. I’m not one to buy DVD’s of anything, but I’m buying this when it comes out.

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