Another shameless Bloggery–Get it? Robbery, Bloggery…

Get it?

That’s right I’m still stuck for material, so I’ve stolen from The Lipstick Chronicles.  Sara Strohmeyer over there posted about Nancy Martin’s new book called “A Crazy Little Thing Called Death” and the way her total immersion in it caused a few minor, but embarrassing mishaps. 

I went to Nancy’s launch party last night and I can’t wait to dive into the book tonight.  I adore this series, each of the Blackbird sisters and all their troubles.  They are so fun and never fail to make time pass, fast. 

Okay, so I’ve committed to a life of crime and it feels okay. 

So, carry on.

3 thoughts on “Another shameless Bloggery–Get it? Robbery, Bloggery…

  1. Glad your back! I am sure that your life has had some good blog fodder. You will back in the swing of it before you know it.

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