Okay, I know I’m prone to these sudden, bizarre disappearances and I have no good excuse.

Except for my stint in the CIA taking up all my time.  But all that’s behind me and I’m vowing–bound and determined–to put something on my blog even when I can’t think of anything.  LIke now.

Even if I have to steal from other blogsites, I’ll be here.

If I have to slay my relatives with scathing prose, I’ll be here.

You can count on me.

And now for a little sanity and some great writing guidance, visit Judy Schneider’s website called Judy Schneider’s Writing Lab.

She is published widely in non-fiction, including her great selling Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life, and is currently putting the finishing touches on one of her novels.

She’s a great support to me and I credit her highly for helping me get my manuscript (the one that didn’t sell) to the point where I got an agent.  She’s that good, people. 
Stop over there.

Just don’t tell her I’ll be stealing her blog-work for the next few weeks…hehehehehe…

And watch out, the rest of you, too.  Nothing is safe anymore.

2 thoughts on “YIKES, I’M BACK…

  1. Welome back, Kathie. We missed you.

    I promise, I’ll keep the whole blog-content-stealing thing a secret, though I cant help but wonder: Who will be your next victim?

    Thanks for your kind words. As always, you are a terrific person to work with. See you soon!

  2. Thanks Judy, I’ll keep my next “bloggery” a secret until I hit. Keep ’em coming back, you know? Get back to work on that novel. I want to read it.

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