Things that will get me in trouble…

This will be a bits and pieces post, but I’ll start with two things that my son has recently misunderstood about the world.

First, driving to school there was a commercial on the radio for–or against, really–drinking and driving.  The last sentence said something like “Don’t drink and drive, it might be your friends life you take.”

Jake pipes up with this “You drink and drive all the time, Mom.  It could lead to trouble.”

Well, yes I do drink and drive all the time, I admitted and then I attempted to explain the way some adult drinks make people loopy and unable to function appropriately and those are def. not the drinks I drive with.

Well, how long before I get some odd phone call asking about my drinking problem?

The other thing, was just funny.  In the car after soccer Jake says:  “You know red’s the new black.”

Huh?  I still can’t narrow down where he got that one or what he really thinks it means, but it could make school interesting the next few days.

Now on to sophisticated adult stuff–

Music Videos.

At my gym, there are tv’s on each individual cardio piece of equipment.  There’s a “club video station” that plays various videos plus I can get MTV and VH1 so I get my fill of up to date vids.

And a few oldies.

On the club station, they have a variety everyday.  Today I saw Blondie’s Heart of Glass.  It wasn’t bad, but funny to see what is by today’s standards, almost no production at all.  Just the band singing away.  But the bass player looks seriously bored.  Not an affected bored expression, but truly as though he wasn’t so sure waking up that day and being taped playing Heart of Glass 40 times was what he really wanted to do.

Then the Beatles “I wanna hold your hand” came on.  Good song, holds up.  But the broads in the audience were simply too funny.  They sat nicely in their chairs, bouncing along, a little less lively than your average bobble head, but from their expressions you have to wonder how they managed to contain themselves, managing to exude manners amidst their fervor.  Makes me wonder if it was just copious amounts of drugs that changed the concert scene so fast or did everyone just build up so much seltzer bouncing around, but not really letting it out that the next step was to climb over top of fellow concert goers so to aim one’s bra at the stage from a better angle?   A question for the ages, I must say.

Then.  Then, I really got excited (after a great Train video about a girl who I think died, but is comforting the lead singer from above) when Run DMC’s Walk this WAy featuring Aerosmith came on.  There’s not a better video or song on the market today.  Really, whomever put those two groups together really had his thinking cap on that month.  God, that’s a good one.

And finally.  The song O.P.P.  That song holds up over time, too.  The whole song.  It doesn’t flatten out after a strong beginning and make me yawn like Funky Cold Medina, for instance.  Not that I wouldn’t hop on a bar and do a nice dance to it if I heard it tomorrow.  If I were to drink a glass or two.   

Anyway, I don’t know about your gym, but you ought to request some tvs and club video service. 

And don’t drink and drive. Or wear read thinking it’s the new black.  Black will always be black. 

2 thoughts on “Things that will get me in trouble…

  1. Great post, Kathie! Good for you for watching club videos while working out! As for my gym, I’m not sure what they have on their cardio machines — cough, cough. But the yoga studio has a new stereo. Maybe I should have a t-shirt made that says: Yoga’s the New Cardio. What do you think?

  2. I like the t-shirt idea, Judy. I want to take yoga–just as soon as I either quit writing or find an extra few hours a week. Mentally, I can’t give up cardio for yoga and adding to the “program” now is not feasable. Though I’d love to. Insanity rules!

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