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I feel as though every post I write is grounded in silly cultural stuff.  Some might even say terrible, rancid, crap unworthy of watching, listening to, and thinking about. 

Yet, still, my mind is there.

So, here’s the latest swirling around my head:

Friday Night Lights:  Matt Saracen is the cutest guy ever…you must watch this show just long enough to see him stumble through a conversation with his girlfriend–his coach’s daughter.  My God, it’s priceless.  I can’t watch him and not smile.

I also love the coach himself, his wife, his daughter.  And the more flamboyant characters that I’m sure make other people ill–Smash, Riggins, and Tyra or whatever her name is–love them, too.  The king and queen of the school are the only two who annoy me…and the queen’s slimeball father never fails to make my skin crawl–an acting successs in my book.  Seriously, watch this show, even if you hated highschool and football even more.  It’ll be worth it.

American Idol:

Well, the guys, for the most part, stunk yesterday.  I’m never totally happy with the guys anyway.  I loved last year’s and the year before’s more rocker guys, but the pop, R&B stuff doesn’t make my heart sing when people like LL Cool J. do it so some amateur from Newark isn’t going to set my pants on fire.

Now the girls, I’m counting on them being better.

For those of you who think TV doesn’t influence a person’s psyche, think again.  I have hard evidence.  Well, okay, anecdotal, but still this is just a little old blog not an arm of a hardcore research outfit.

The evidence is me.  Scooby Doo, I’m convinced, is at the root of my fascination with old homes, buried treasure and secret rooms in old homes.  Like bad TV is inclined to do, it infiltrates your mind and then lies dormant for years, maybe forever before you realize what you watched as a kid means something in your later years.

Yes, this is crazy dramatic–but I’m hurting for material, here.  Anyway, since my kids started watching Scooby, it occurs to me that other than that show and some Abbot and Costello episode when they were revolutionary war ghosts in an old mansion, I was never in an old house until an adult. Yet, my fascination has been around forever.

So blame it on Scooby and the gang.  Or reincarnation.  I swear I was on the Titanic…no really…stay with me…

7 thoughts on “Pop Culture Update

  1. I flipped over just in time to catch the scene on Friday Night Lights. It was very reminescent(sp) of high school. I didn’t see the rest of episode since I was tuned to AI. The girls were definitely better than the guys. I ready for the top 12 though. It should be interesting!!!

  2. I’ve never done the AI thing, and haven’t caught FNL either (see my previous day’s comment for the pathetic reasons why)….while I would give FNL a shot, with my love of football, I just can’t pull the trigger on AI. It feels like a creepy, overblown updated version of Star Search to me. 🙂

    And before you start criticizing yourself for writing about “terrible, rancid, crap unworthy of watching, listening to, and thinking about,” join me for my closet Jerry Springer addiction sometime….then we can talk. I’m so ashamed.

  3. Dana and CC, you both have me laughing this morning. Dana, if you miss FNL this time, watch it this summer in reruns…you’d like it I think. CC, you’d def. like it. But Jerry Springer…that has me laughing. His time slot is problematic for me, but I’m sure it’s quite the distraction when you n eed one!

  4. Kathie, funny about you thinkinng you were on the titanic….Did you know I have ALWAYS beleievd I came over on the MAYFLOWER??? I swear, I took my first tour as kid on the Mayflower at Plymouth plantation and I had that weird feeling I was on it before. When the tour guides gave the info out, it was like I already knew it. I have taken the same tour as an adult a couple more times and it is freakier every time! Not a huge believer in reincarnation, BUT if it occurs….you can bet I was an original pilgrim.

  5. I’ve still never watched Friday Night Lights, but my good friend, author Molly O’Keefe LOVES that show and is always trying to get me to watch.

    Scooby Doo was responsible for me not being able to take showers when I was a kid. I saw an episode where one of the characters was taking a shower and a tile moved aside and some ghost or something peeked in. (Okay, the ghost was probably revealed as the janitor by the end of the show, but I wouldn’t know because I didn’t get that far. And who cares if it wasn’t a ghost! Someone peeked into the shower!!!!!)

    I couldn’t close my eyes in the shower for years after that which made shampooing kind of difficult.

  6. Maureen, you’re so funny. Who’d ever think Scooby Doo could have such a big influence, huh??? I do imagine leaving your eyes open while shampooing isn’t the most relaxing experience! Try to see Friday Night Lights, you’ll get a chuckle or two from it, I promise!

  7. Maura, I too, am not a huge believer of reincarnation–it seems awful tiring to have to constantly redo–but I can see you as pilgrim material…hahaha

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