Grey’s Anatomy

Okay, I love this show.

But there are aspects of it that are exceedingly disappointing this season.

Anything with Izzy is tedious and makes me want to send her back down a catwalk instead of into surgery.  I couldn’t stomach the story line last year that her falling in love with a dying patient.  I didn’t buy it for a heartbeat.

And now, she’s falling apart while at a disaster site…for the love of God, do your job.  She’s starting to resemble the bimbo the writers set out to make her different from.  And I can’t take it.

And freaking Meredith.  Get out of the water already.

I still love every other person (George is frustrating, though making a speedy exit from pity city, thank the lord) and every story line. and for the most part the show is great.  But these massive tragedy episodes are just too much.

3 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Sorry Kathie-
    The only show I really watch this year is Ugly Betty. In fact, I want to be an actor in Ugly Betty!! The writers are fantastic– I laugh out loud every Thursday night. My husband even watched it with me last night. It is a provacative show without being vulgar. And witty–wow–the laughs come and then you have to think about what was actually said and what is means. Occasionally, when I can stay up, I’ll watch Men in Trees. My old favs, 24 and Grey’s Anatomy are not up to standard this year (24 does have one fantastic looking terrorist though-Assad). Meredith and Izzy should leave for a season. Meredith needs to gain weight and Izzy needs a good story.

  2. I’ve never watched GA, though many people have told me I should….it sounds like a great show! I actually FIGHT beginning to watch a new show. We only have a couple shows we watch religiously — our Tivo is set for only 3 season passes — and we NEVER have time to watch those. One time, we had an entire season sitting there on Tivo for months before we blitzed through every episode over two nights. I simply CANNOT commit to any other shows, no matter how good they look. Am I missing out? No question. Is this lame and sad? Of course! 😉

    I’m back from the dead, thanks for noticing — few things feel as good as being missed! I hope your winter is plodding along pleasantly enough.

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