Oh, God, Heartbreaking…

Yes, the first contestant on one of the greatest shows on earth (American Idol) broke my heart.  First I felt sorry for her.  My goodness she laid it out there and it dropped like a sack of dead mice.

But then, secondly, American Idol always strikes at the heart of my greatest fear:  That I’m contestant number one’s doppleganger in the writing world.  What if that’s me?

I do have independant confirmation that I’m not EXACTLY like contestant number one.  But I could be wallowing in a only slightly higher level ineptitude forever, thinking the next book’s the one that’s gonna sell…

Or I am the next one to succeed, tears of joy running down my face, all that.  Yeah, I’ll go with that image.  It suits me better.  For now anyway.

And oh, that Jennifer Hudson.  Saw her in Dreamgirls and she was magnificent.  Totally love the underdog, rags to riches theme she has working.  She is awesome and it’s nice that someone noticed what Simon Cowell and, I guess, a lot of America didn’t when voting for American Idol.

So, are you watching or have you had enough?


PS, my computer has crashed so much so hard the last week that I ordered a new one.  I can’t be on this very long before it crashes again, so excuse my shoddy visits to everyone else’s blogs…I’ll be back as soon as the new one arrives.

5 thoughts on “Oh, God, Heartbreaking…

  1. I’ve not yet seen American Idol tonight – it will be on in 15 minutes. I am in California! This just makes me giggle like a school girl. The fact that 9 months ago I was in New York and would have already seen AI in its entirety. The whole two hours. And here I am now, 3,000 miles away, still waiting to watch. The whole time zone thing….I have a childish fascination with this fact. I don’t think it will ever be old news to me.

    As far as the American Idol in writing – we have a much better chance of being published successfully, so don’t worry! Though Miss Snark’s blog does show us some of the losers of the writing American Idol, we’re not going to be on that list.

  2. Wow, what great thoughts, guys. Becky, that’s the best attitude to have, I know. I think in the end, that kind of living makes people happiest…you know, the whole deathbed/regrets kind of thing.

    Gina, thanks! I agree, we do have a better chance of being published than being the AI…that’s what I’m living on! And I agree about the time zone thing. When I used to travel for work, I’d be in a hotel and have all my television watching done by 10, get a good night sleep, etc. But I was always thinking about how everyone else (weird to think that everyone else means east coast to me) has already seen certain things.

    Jaye, I know what you mean about William Hung…Oh to be that bad or as good as Kelly Clarkson. I suppose it’s the middle of the road that I hate the thought of…

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