Baby Chou Chou

Santa brought Bethy a Chou Chou Baby doll.  This princess cries and slurps on a bottle and pacifier.  But when she cries, boy it’s exactly like a two month year old’s cry.


To the point that when the thing starts weeping and Beth has tossed her aside for her Polly Pockets, I can’t leave it there sobbing.  I can’t even walk out of the room.

I pick the crazy thing up and give it its bottle as though real.  I know I’m a little on the odd side, but this is weird even for me.

But that cry just gets in my bones and I have to stop it.  Once I pick up the doll and “feed” her I try to snake my finger under the cloth body to shut the button off and I can’t get it.  Some freak at the toy factory’s getting a good chuckle over that, I’m sure.  Just put the button a teeny bit out of reach of the average adult’s fingers.

Oh, well.  I suppose as long as I don’t start wheeling the Chou Chou around the block in the baby stroller, I can still claim sanity status. 

So, what gifts did your kids get or did you stupidly buy for them yourself that is making you crazy now?


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