Well.  Due to my inability to use my cell phone for anything other than dialing and picking up phonecalls, I’m actually, apparently, one of the few people left on the planet who has phone numbers memorized.

Okay, I’ll stop patting myself on the back over something so silly.  Silly until your CELLPHONE goes missing!!!

Actually, if I don’t call people much it’s because I haven’t memorized their phone numbers for some reason and I can barely fish through all my contact info (debris, truthfully) to find them and I’m reduced to costly 411 calls.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette ran an article yesterday about the problem of people not memorizing any of the information they used to.  There’s a booming business in teaching people to remember crap…like phone numbers, where they dropped their kids and left their socks.

Well, goody for me.  I can remember phone numbers, but everything else is periodically wiped from memory. 

And now that I’m done bragging I must confess that it turns out my method for memorizing–I remember the pattern of the numbers on the phone more than the numbers themselves–isn’t the preferred way reasearchers like to see subjects store info.  Yeah, well, it’s all I got.  The little things.

How bad’s your memory?


PS–I’m behind in my foundation trials, but rest assured, I’ll be back with more…

4 thoughts on “1-24-07

  1. I was just talking with someone the other day about how I don’t know anyone’s phone numbers anymore. But then there are random phone numbers in my head and I have no idea to whom they belong.

  2. I have a bunch of phone numbers in my cellphone and I rely on the lookup to find them — especially if I’m driving, since the handy hands-free is voice-controlled. So fun to say someone’s name and have the phone do all the work.

    But there are a few numbers I still dial into my cellphone, like my sister’s home number. I remember it through a mneumonic (“there are two twos, not five fives”). And I type in my parents’ phone number, because doing that is quicker than looking up the number in the contacts.

    Sometimes I’ll dial a number into the cellphone and a name will pop up — because I’d saved the number but forgotten it was there. Like Monday, I went to the trouble of digging out a phone book (remember those?) and looking up Vocelli’s Pizza, only to learn the number had been in my cellphone all along.

  3. Jaye, that’s great–having numbers in your head you don’t know to whom they belong. LIke random keys in the junk drawer.

    Cindy, I do that too, look up a number (if it’s local) or use 411 and then unearth a number ten minutes later. This is all an organizational issue for me. I have to memorize or waste time searching. We’ll see how long this lasts. IN another ten years I might have to pin my phone number list to my shirt…

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