1/22 Products to think twice about purchasing

Beware of powder foundation.  I knew it was too good to be true.  Whatever it is I bought had sunscreen and promised to go on fast and fresh.  Well, I walked around like the masked woman of Oakmont today.  I whisked the powder over my face and half stuck in my hair line giving me a gray hair look.

And the powder sticks in my lines making me look ten years older than I am.  So, in the garbage for that.

Next, I purchased a self heating cup of hot chocolate.  Folks this is the single worst thing I’ve ever bought in my life.  No exceptions.

I had to press some button that released fluid which then heated the liquid.  When it was hot and time to open it a chemical smell wafted from the container.  But I thought…don’t be hasty now, just try it.  Well it tastes like whatever chemical they used to make it “self heating.”  It’s terrible.  It’s to be avoided at all costs.  I’m talking the only exception is you in your car, off the side of cliff waiting for three days to be rescued. 

I’ll be back with more foundation trials.  I’m working with sponges and liquids tomorrow.  I’m optimistic.  That’s all I can say.

7 thoughts on “1/22 Products to think twice about purchasing

  1. Self-heating hot chocolate….hmmm….you’re a brave soul for even trying it! I think I’ll pass on that one….

    And I’ve always thought that powdered foundation was too good to be true, period — for foundation to work, it’s gotta be messy, streaky, gloopy and hard as hell to blend! You can’t possibly put in on in powder form and actually make it look good EASILY! (Not unless you’re willing to pay top dollar, I’m betting….) Good luck with the next batch, let us know how it comes out!

    I’ll keep you posted on our Super Bowl party dilemma (only we could come up with a drama over something so silly….) 😉

  2. Thanks ladies…
    CC, a superbowl dilemma? That sounds serious. And I should prob. spend the money and go sit in a chair at the mall and have some “makeup artist” find the right foundation, but I don’t have that kind of stinkin’ time. Recall my earlier post on not doing enough cleaning??? LIfe is so hard.

    Jaye, what are you talking about a foundation brush??? Expand, please.

  3. Yes, brushes are better than sponges, hands down. Still, I wish you lots of luck finding a good foundation. It only looks good when you’re too young to really need it. Now that I’m developing a few “freckles” (I hate the term “liver spots” YUCK) and a few creases (AKA wrinkles) and I NEED foundation, all it does is settle into those previously mentioned creases and make them all the more noticable. And the freckles still stand out and say “Hey! Look at me!”

  4. Thanks Jaye, I’ll check out those brands. Places like Sephora overwhelm me with choices but if I go in on a mission and stay focused, I might make it out alive and not broke.

    Annette, you’re cracking me up. I never thought about it, but you’re right, foundation does look best when we’re young. What sort of dirty trick is that???? And you’re the second vote for this foundation brush so I’ll def. make an effort to get one and enter it in my foundation sweepstakes.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA! We had self heating coffee cans over here for a while. Heard they were awful.

    I don’t use powder, just foundation on it’s own. The one that works best for me costs ONE POUND only! Cheap thing from a market in Devon and it’s lasted me a year so far and only half has gone.


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