Insignificant stuff…and some questions

Why does Pottery Barn think 10-20 bucks off a $570 dollar toy is a sale worthy of a shocking red line through the original price?

Why is it inevitable that your sick kid will puke in the car on the way to the doctor after showing zero signs of nausea beforehand?

Why is it impossible to get chunks of puke out of the crevices in the car?

Why does it take the dryer repair man a week to come see you then say with a straight face it’ll take a week to get the part and “we’ll see” about how fast after that he can fix it?  Is that the only profession unaware of overnight shipping–the flurry of this fast paced society? 

 Now for something insignificant:

A guy in a coffee shop is talking to a lady.  Half way through the conversation she stops him, “Is this a joke?”

He nodded yes and continued.  I thought that was so funny because I too am often half-way into someone’s joke, thinking it’s a real story before I realize it sounds suspicously like a joke.  Some people are so damn literal.  Sometimes, anyway.

Boy this is a bad one.


13 thoughts on “Insignificant stuff…and some questions

  1. Glad you liked the chunks in the crevices, Becky. It is funny when the kid isn’t in distress and having to enter a doctor’s office. You could see the people part to let us through…maybe we should employ that for Christmas shopping. WAtch everyone let us up front at Toys R us. Let me know if it works!

  2. I thought my dryer had packed up the other night as only cold air flowed out of the condensation pipe. This would have been a disaster, as with 7 of us, my laundry duty is priority every day.

    Turns out the dam thing was on cool mode.



  3. That’s so funny M.E! If I could extrapolate from our laundry (four people) to yours…well, I don’t even want to. Here’s hoping this never happens to you.

  4. Regarding not knowing if a story is a joke: My dad takes great joy in pretending to tell a real story that eventually turns out to be a joke. Often I’ll start to suspect that whatever he’s saying is a joke, and I’ll ask. He always says no with a complete straight face. And then when it turns out that it really was a joke, he just looks smug.

    Ooh, it drives me crazy. Especially when the joke depends on some silly pun. Probably what my dad is really laughing at is how steamed I get.

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