My gosh, I’m busy…

I’m actually looking forward to Monday so I can sit for a second.  Lots of fantastic stuff to do this weekend, but it can be overwhelming.

And I hate to complain but I think part of the problem is I’m totally cranky about the laundry situation.  As of Friday, the parts hadn’t arrived at the service place…HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Sorry to be redundant, but this is getting absurd.

I decided ballet isn’t much different than football in some ways.

I love them both, but in both cases timing is skewed.

For instance, in football, 4 minutes on the clock means 10-15 minutes in real time.  I might be conservative with that estimate.

With ballet, I read the program to see the names of the characters as they appear and where they fall in the course of the ballet.  Well, you might be watching the fourth part of the first act, but don’t get too wrestless.  Settle in for at least ten minutes more of dance.  And I love it, but it can get to be too much.  I can’t imagine how a person who hates ballet must feel.

My niece played an awesome mouse in the ballet–all kinds of stage presence bubbling from her little five year-old-body.

And U Mass is going to the championship game.  That’s great, too.  I love when things are going right for the people I love.  I really do. 

Question of the day–Ballet or Football?

3 thoughts on “My gosh, I’m busy…

  1. I gotta opt for football. I’ve been to the Pro Bowl and the Bolshoi, both have men in tight pants, but I prefer the ones wearing helmets.

    Speaking of tight pants. My thirteen-year-old daughter went to the Nutcracker last year with a bunch of friends. When I asked ’em how it was, all I got was “those guys’ pants were so tight, it was sooooooo GROSS!”

  2. Merry Christmas, Kathie! Hope you’re having a happy one and a good-health-for-everyone one!

    Ballet. 🙂 Unless I have the gave pre-recorded, then it’s a tossup, cuz football with Tivo is nearly pleasant–but I don’t have to leave the house, so that makes up the difference.

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