Happy Monday!

Almost all my Christmas Shopping is done.  I have some little things left, but I enjoy being out in the hustle and bustle when I’m not trying to buy a million little presents. 

There’ll be baking and making things–the kids can hardly wait to do each thing.  And that’s so fun.  This is the first year it feels like this–that the kids are excited about the holiday in every way.

Though, much to my dismay, I pulled the old “Santa’s watching,” saw into action yesterday.  It’s the flimsiest parenting strategy on the books.  But, boy for that one little second, it works…

How’s your shopping going?

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Congratulations on finishing your Christmas shopping. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?

    We missed you yesterday at our holiday luncheon. Have a great Christmas and enjoy the season.

  2. Almost all my shopping is done, too. Except for a gift for the love of my life. And I’m looking for some black dress trousers for a special dinner. I hate clothes shopping. [insert eyeroll]

  3. Got some shopping done today finally. Have a bit to go but it feels good to make headway. Spawn has visited Santa twice already at two separate malls. Both times he requested “everything.” Looks like i have a lot more shopping to do after all.

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