So you think you can pose…

I’m referring to Paris Hilton’s need to pose the exact same way every time a camera is within thirty miles of her.  I wonder if she walks down the street, notices someone drawing a camera from their bag and stops dead to strike her pose.  It’s never any different.  Time to spice it up, sister.  Even you are getting tired of it, I bet.

And not to be sour grapish.  I really think if you’re born into a rich family, then lucky you.  And I know she has product lines and…and…I don’t know.  She listed a bunch of stuff she had cooking in some magazine and it does seem as though she’s actually working.  Until you clock the amount of face-time old Paris has in bars, parties, and premiers.  Really.  I was young once, working my ass off, was in shape, no worries, and hell if I could party the way she does.  That’s a job in itself.  NO matter how pitiful.

Why the charade?  I know people who start businesses from the ground up.  They don’t come up for air except for holidays and to make babies every two years.  Just live the party life and admit it, for God sake.  Stop the insanity.  One way or the other.

To cleanse my grumpy palate, I’ll just say God Bless America and the little guy who built it.

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