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  1. I’m watching About Last Night and I have to say, that flick stands the test of time.  There are some cheesy moments in it, like when Rob Lowe sets the table and then admires his work as though he invented the concept of setting a table.  But there are some of the best lines ever in that movie.  James Belushi is freaking hilarious and obnoxious.  Demi Moore was prettier then, than she is now, and she ain’t bad now.  If you haven’t seen this one yet, watch it soon on the E-Love channel on digital cable.  It’ll be worth your time.
  2. The other day the kids and I stopped in a neighbor’s driveway while we were walking Max to see her dog. She’s a nice older woman who loves her dog and the kids love her.  Well, we’re up near her garage and these red, white and blue signs catch my eye.  They’re peeking out behind some stuff, but clearly I could see the name “Santorum,” on them.  Its not a secret I live in a conservative town and I’m always surprised when a fellow liberal (I’ve only identified myself as a liberal instead of an independant since this administration started burying us alive in conservative phony baloney) pops out of hiding, but SANTORUM?  Even my repulblican husband thinks that man is whacked.  Even he won’t vote for the guy.  I don’t know.  To each his own, but I can’t stomach the high-handed phony morality of that scoundrel and I look forward to when the next 67 days pass and hopefully Sanctimonious Santorum is ousted from office.  For the love of my God, please let him be ousted.
  3. Now that I’ve outed myself as a immoral heathen, I’ll get to the dirty stuff.  Today at the zoo there were Orangatans (spelling?) having sexual relations.  Two were getting busy and one was trying to enter the game.  The female in the scenario could not have been more bored with the whole thing.  The funniest part was that none of the dozens of kids looking at the animals knew what was happening, but I swear, none of the parents could look away.  Everyone was laughing their asses off,  maybe because they’re so close to being human, I don’t know.  It was funny, the parents, were.  Clearly these folks are not in the Santorum Camp.
  4. Summer’s ending and it’s sad.  My family is spoiled in the summer.  We spend all day at the pool, even eating meals there (they cost an arm and a leg, but it means less work at home–so why is the house messier in the summer?  sAve that question for Santorum.  I bet he knows.)   Tonight was the last family night at the pool and it’s freezing.  The normally big crowd was limited to the people who live in the neigborhood.  I felt like we were at one of our houses except we had people cleaning up after us and bringing us drinks.  But its the kids, Beth in a pumkin costume (for no reason other than she wants to be a pumpkin), she and Ashley making acorn soup, Jake, Jack, and Eugene playing all manner of superhero games and all these people who have become such good friends.  But for the most part I won’t spend time with them until next summer.  It’s what makes summer so special, the short intensity of it. But boy is it sad when its over.  And this is coming from a person whose favorite season is fall.  I was talking to the kids about what I’ll miss–seeing them engage in imaginary play, sports, swimming with me, watching them make friends, learn to include others, stick up for themselves…”Mom, stop, stop, stop…you’re making me sad,” Jake said.  I suppose he’ll figure it out on his own someday. 

So, there we are, a lot of nothing, but its what’s on my mind.

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  1. “About Last Night” is one of my favs…as you know! Do they have it on DVD yet????? It is a good one to watch with some wine and girlfriends.

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