Two people dead…

Pittsburgh’s Mayor, Bob O’Connor and the Crocodile Hunter.

I’m sad O’Connor died.  He finally achieved his dream of being Mayor (lost two??? elections first–I think) and eight months later dies.  It’s good that he succeeded and he had no idea he’d be dead soon, when he won the election, but God.  That seems unfair.  But at least he did it.  That’s awesome.

Some people in Pittsburgh are up in arms over the Post Gazette’s headline that said O’Connor is Dead or something like that (the “is Dead” part is accurate).  They’re saying it’s too harsh–disrespectful–rude–thoughtless.  It should have said he “passed,” or “is mourned,” or something. 


Saying he “passed,” somehow changes the fact he no longer draws breath? This is Pittsburgh, for God sakes.  Steel-town.  Get a grip.  It should give us a jolt to realize someone is DEAD.  Why shouldn’t it hurt a little?  Offend our senses?  Make us a little sick?  He’s gone forever.  Glossing over it is bizzare in my book. 

Now the Crocodile Hunter is a different matter.  I’m sad for him and his family too.  BUT this is not really a surprising turn of events.  Turn of events is a bad choice of words since it would have been a “turn of events,” if this guy actually made it to 100 without having an animal have him for dinner.

I know he’s a conservationist and anyone who cares so much about educating people is alright in my book, but he also had some kind of adrenaline addiction to keep doing the things he did.  Dead at 44.   That’s really sad.  Really really sad.

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