Husband in La Jolla, living it up…

Well, okay he’s working.  In a resort.  Trying to make it sound like the week is excrutiating in every way.

Yeah right.

His company sent a gift to me stating they appreciate my support in Bill’s constant absences, etc. and they want to thank me.

The gift is this Sandlewood Oil with sticks that you put in it and will draw the stuff upwards, emitting the smell.

It’s a nice gift and a nice gesture.

But I can’t get the cork out of the bottle.  But the oil did work its way through the cork, got on my hands and now I can’t get the smell off.

I get these bizzare tickles and pains in my body from MS and I got one on my finger.  I put it in my mouth and bit it to stop the tickling (I know that’s gross.  I don’t have to do it often, but imagine an unreachable itch on your back…now put it inside your body where you def. can’t get to it…) and now the sandlewood is in my mouth.  Not a good taste.  Smell, yes.

 So, even though Bill’s on vacat–I mean working in La Jolla I’m not all that jealous.  They make everyone share rooms.  Can you believe that? Sharing a room with a stranger.  Yucko in my opinion.

Is that weird?

8 thoughts on “Husband in La Jolla, living it up…

  1. Share a room? Ew. I always told them I snored. Usually if you tell them you snore or fart or burp, they’ll give you your own room. Your husband is too nice… but still, even with sharing a room, it’s a resort.

  2. Funny you should mention snoring because what this company sells is the equipment for people with sleep apnea. This problem manifests itself in loud snoring among other things…hehe…wonder how many of them have that equipment on hand. Funny image.

    I’m with you Jaye. I wouldn’t mind a trip to sunny CA. One of my all-time favorite places.

  3. Hi Kathie. I didn’t know you had MS. My mother-in-law does, and refuses to talk about it or tell any of her brothers or sisters, even though two of her brothers have it as well. And we’re not allowed to talk about it either. If only I could blog about it…

    ANYWAY, the symptom you describe reminds me of restless leg syndrome. Did you get that during your pregnancy? I did on occasion and it was the most frustrating tickle/wiggle/itch. Basically an indescribable irritation. I saw an ad for a drug for it recently, of course.

    I think sharing a room with a work stranger is odd (I’ve done it once and it was uncomfortable), but guys are different, you know? They’re probably sitting around in their underwear talking about sales goals and fiscal year profit margins and such.

  4. Kathie,

    I love this site! It’s both honest and fun!

    As for sharing a room, I wouldn’t. I’d dip into my own account and pay for a private. Then the shampoo and shower cap would be all mine!

  5. Hey Judy!! Thanks for stopping by. I’m with you–pay the extra for my own space…

    Mignon–that’s funny you said your MIL won’t tell anyone about MS. I know another person her age who won’t tell anyone either. Her daughter told me because she knew I had it, but other than that there’s absolutely no mention of it–in front of her anyway. Maybe its an age thing. I don’t care who knows. It colored my whole life and unfortunately its a huge part of my life now. Wish it wasn’t–but hell if I’ll go through the trouble to hide it. I prob. tell too many people…sorry haven’t been to your site lately.

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