Philip Beard’s Dear Zoe, In Paperback…And his new Release…

Thanks for all your support on Philip’s behalf…

Dear Friends and Readers,

It’s hard for me to believe that a year has passed since the hardcover release of DEAR ZOE. I expected support from my friends and my hometown, but it has been an amazing experience for me to read letters and e-mails from all over the country from those of you who discovered Tess’s story in your local library, or picked it up on the recommendation of a favorite local bookseller. Now, with the launch of foreign language versions in Italy, Hungary and Sweden, I’m looking forward to hearing from readers outside the U.S.

April 25th marks the release of the paperback (with a beautiful new cover) and, as always, these early weeks will be important ones. Viking and Plume (their paperback partner) believe that DEAR ZOE has strong bookclub potential, and while they are working on national bookclub coordinators, they have asked me to reach out to you to help at the “grassroots” level. I know that nearly all of you have already recommended DEAR ZOE to friends, but many readers (myself included) often wait for the
paperback release. An e-mail to your contact list in the next week or so reminding your friends and relatives about DEAR ZOE and telling them about the new paperback could be a big help in keeping it on the shelves in an environment where little books like this one can disappear quickly.

As an incentive to bookclubs, Viking and Plume are offering to make me available for a limited number of live, telephone and virtual appearances at bookclub meetings around the country. If you or anyone on your contact list has any interest in such an appearance, go to for more information, or contact Laura Tisdel at Viking Penguin Publicity (; 212.366.2226).

Thanks again for your support, and I’ll be in touch again shortly with news of my new hardcover release, LOST IN THE GARDEN, which is due out from Viking @ May 8th.



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