Surprise Beginning…

…I hate when this happens.

I start watching a movie thinking it’s a typical Lifetime Movie thing–predictable, sugary, great background for real work because I don’t have to pay attention–then BAM Andy Garcia’s teenage son kills himself and I’m thrust into a gripping tale with real actors and good plot.

WTF?  The little blurb that the cable company supplied said nothing…never even hinted there was a son involved in the plot, let a one one too saddened to go on with life.

The boy kept reappearing in Garcia’s  mind throughout…huge soulful eyes…telling dad he was sorry.  GAAAAHHH!

Who exactly writes those things?  The blurbs?

This happens to me every once in a while.  Sometimes it’s my fault.  For instance, about ten years ago or so when Bill and I were married but living in separate towns, I did a lot of stuff by myself.

I loved going to movies.  It cheered me up immensely for some reason.

Anyway, one typical Pittsburgh day (rainy) in between classes and assignments, I settled in for a movie.  A cute little thing that takes place in Las Vegas and features a hooker and a drunk.  A light little thing.  Nicholas Cage is funny.  Elizabeth Shue is…what?  Good at playing dark, sad, lonely hookers, managing to portray the character as just like you and me in many ways.  Who knew?  She was Andrew Shue’s sister for God sakes.  The Shue with the Melrose Place address.  How informed does a movie goer need to be?

That’s right, Leaving Las Vegas was the flick of choice.  It sounded like such a fun movie.

Upon leaving, I was forced to the pharmacy for paxil and a bag of oreos…I mean, who could drink after seeing that?


6 thoughts on “Surprise Beginning…

  1. LOL. Was that movie the most depressing thing you’ve ever seen? But it was good too–gritty.

    The blurbs on TV are source of jokes for hubby and me. Movie people should have to write that one sentence blurb in order to get a deal. Of course they probably do and Hollywood is so bizarre. “See, there are these snakes on a plane…” Has anyone else heard of this movie?

    Of course I’m sure as I try to write my one high concept pitches for my books, all of these comments will come back to haunt me. “This idea is crap. Why oh why I didn’t I think of snakes on a plane?”

  2. Did you see Breaking the Waves? That and Leaving Las Vegas are the two most depressing movies I’ve ever seen. I can think of them whenever I need to get into a ‘mood’ to write a sad scene. The shower part after the party with the football players? Ack – I’m starting to feel nauseous again.

  3. I watched Leaving Las Vegas thinking that Las Vegas’ Tourism Bureau must be hating this thing. What a downer. Did you ever see Once Were Warriors? Another very good, depressing movie.

    Snakes on a Plane. What more needs to be said. Oh wait, I guess this is the part where Samuel L. Jackson yells “Get these mother ______ing snakes off this mother________ing plane.”

  4. Jamie and MIgnon, I will surely look into your depressing movies when my book finds a publisher and the degree of happiness I’m feeling borders on illegal.

    Jaye, did Jamie get it?

  5. I think I can safely say Jamie did get it. I mean, when in doubt, add the words “mother_____ing to anything and it’s automatically a SLJ quote.

    “Frankly, mother____er, I don’t give a damn.”

    “Mother__er, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in mother___ing Kanses anymore.”

    “Mother___er, always said life was like a box of mother__ing chocolates. Mother__ers never know what they’re going to get.”

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