Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…

…I had a dream last night.  Marky Mark Walhburg (spelling wrong) was in it. Don’t know where the Funky Bunch was, but that worked out for me.  We were cruising around some harbor on a cigarette boat. 

He was totally in love with me.  We were smiling at each other.  Wind in our hair.  And then he let me drive the boat.  We dove to the bottom of the ocean, dodging sharks and other sea-life.  But all the while, I’m thinking “Marky Mark’s in love with me.”

Yeah, I’m red-faced.  Can’t even imagine what prompted this. 

I haven’t been involved with Marky Mark for at least ten years.

4 thoughts on “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…

  1. LOL. I just heard his song (there was just one, right?) on the radio yesterday. Daydreams of Marky Mark in his Calvin Klein undies ensued. Sigh. I’m totally jealous you got to explore the bottom of the ocean with him.

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