This show cracks me up.

Bill and I always debate about Allison’s husband.

His endless patience regarding her pesky dreams, un-Godly work hours, penchant for booze, and constant sloughing her mommy duties onto him.

I’m in love with the guy (Allison’s husband).  Never has a man been so tolerant of his wife’s insanity.  We all need this.

This is how the conversation would go in my house if I were Allison:

Me bursting awake with yet another dream, breathing heavily, shaking Bill awake–“Bill.  I had another dream”  Shake, shake, shake.

Bill: “Huh?”  not waking up

Me: “I dreamed you were in danger and I can’t go back to sleep.”

Bill: “WHAT?  Quit waking me up for the love of God, I have to be on the road in three hours.”

Me: “The dream took so much out of me.  Couldn’t you let me sleep in, bring some coffee to me about 8:30, and get the kids ready for school?  Maybe pick them up and do dinner while I follow my dreams.  My dream…

Bill shooting bone-chilling look discernable even in the dark and through my bad dream haze.

Me: Is that a no?

Bill: STop talking.  Just stop talking.

24 thoughts on “Medium…

  1. My wife loves that show. She also watchs that other one of Fridays, the one with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don’t know what it’s called–I just call it Ghost-bust, since she seems to be having an affair with her cleavage in every scene.

  2. You guys are cracking me up…Ghost-bust–I’ll have to catch that one.
    Becky, I think the hubby would be grateful for your care. Maybe you can channel your dream through her.
    Jackt, there’s a fantasy man on just about every show.

  3. Dana, the blog verification should help keep the spammers away–the people who keep drowning this site in advertisments for sex toys and various drugs….

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