I am Back!!!

With many apologies!

You probably think I’ve been sunning in the Bahamas or run off with the gardener.

Yeah, right like we have a gardener.

I’ve been busy with finishing up a grant I was doing part-time for University of Pittsburgh and now I’ve started another small job for them.  I’ve been writing and researching my book, too.

And for some reason, I just couldn’t blog.

There’s been so much good stuff to blog about, too.  Everytime old Brit showed up on TV or in a tabloid it’s like she was sending me super secret messages–“get back to your blog, woman.  I’m handing you material on a platinum, diamond encrusted platter and you’re ignoring it.”

The one thing I’ve come to realize is that hidden inside me just might be the potential to fake my death and disappear.  YOu know the guy.  It’s always a guy.  The one who hides out in France and is busted by his sister-in-law’s next door neighbor who he met once at sister-in-law’s houswarming party ten years before.  Hopefully, my disappearing act doesn’t go beyond the internet!

 Anyway, I’ve missed everyone, totally avoiding your blogs, too.  I couldn’t fathom parading around your blogs and not doing mine.  Weird, I know.

So, hope your summers are going great and can’t wait to see what everyone’s up to.


10 thoughts on “I am Back!!!

  1. Boy, was it good to see you on my blog, girlie!!! Welcome back. I’m glad you were just busy, and not in the midst of a crisis.

    I couldn’t believe it when you didn’t enter my chocolate give-away! Now I understand why. 🙂

    I look forward to reading you again!

  2. Hello! I popped (nearly typed pooped then…) over from M G Tarquini’s blog as I noticed you’d said you were back blogging. I’m here because I’m nosey!

    Will pop back soon!


  3. Glad you’re back and having a good, productive summer. BTW, I finished the first draft of my book in May and am working on the rewrite. Plan is to get it done and out by end of summer, since now I’m getting stuff popping in my head about novel #2. Then, let the agents fight over it…or something like that! See ya — S

  4. Lisa, Jillian, Susan, and Jaye–Thanks for the welcome back! M.EEllis, thanks for stopping in.


    Susan, way to go on the book. YOu are such a writer–book two bouncing around your head and you’re not even done with the rewrite of 1! That’s huge to have that draft done. YOu’re so careful with your writing, prob. won’t take anything to revise.

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