You think about that while I go poop…

Jake was a hit at the inlaws dinner table with this one.

It was funny.  Much funnier than the knock-knock joke he ordered us to consider while he went to the bathroom.

Right to the point.

No sub-text to get in the way.

A lesson for us all.

4 thoughts on “You think about that while I go poop…

  1. I’m assuming you were in the grandparents granddining room complete with linen napkins? Now, I can appreciate that one!

  2. Christmas Dinner 2005 at the inlaws. Of course it is 8pm and my 3 year old is ready to just go bananas or go to bed. He tells everyone–“mom has a baby in her belly.” No more secrets for me. I can truly appreciate Jake.

  3. This is hilarious! Way to go, Jake! I will try this tonight at the in-law’s Easter dinner. Maybe after that, they will leave me alone with the inappropriate comments and nit-picking (ok, they are not so bad).

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