Freaky Friday!!!

This is a permutation of what’s out there on the various Overheard sites.  Please add your own overheard dialogue or scene!  We want to try for snippets into your neck of the woods…may take a few weeks to get this going, but I would love it if you’d try with me…

 Okay, in Panera Bread this morning, a thin dark haired woman in tight blue jeans and the pointiest shoes ever made walked by me to her booth.  She takes a header into my booth and recovers…

Brushing her hair back.

“Did you see that?” 

“ARe you okay?” I ask

She bends down and runs her fingers around the floor.

“I’m fine.  But that is unacceptable!”

I take a phonecall, while she calls the manager over to feel the floor.  Nothing.

“I almost killed this woman,” her outstreched finger wags in my face.

She did not almost kill me, but that was her story and she was sticking to it.

There was no happy resolution for the woman and everytime she passed the spot she’d stare it down.  Apparently the slasher toed shoes weren’t a cause in the incident.  But I didn’t say.

I realize this is not the same as Overheard in NYC…but feel free to do the shorter dialogue that they do there or elaborate…

6 thoughts on “Freaky Friday!!!

  1. 3 y.o Son: Jesus Christ, momma, I can’t do this game!
    Me: Honey, it’s not nice to say Jesus Christ. Do you understand?
    Son: Nods.
    Son: Jesus Christ, JESUS christ, jesus CHRIST! JESUS CHRIST!

    Hubby and I decided that perhaps it’s time to start watching what we say around him. OR find alternatives. We’re considering: “I love Jesus” and “Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.” That way if he repeats it at his Christian preschool people will think he’s praying.

  2. Mignon, you can use quotes from earlier in the week…we’re just posting them Friday!!! Feel free to continue hibernation Fridays…

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