Pittsburgh Sisters in Crime

I had a wonderful two hours tonight as I joined Sisters in Crime and attended a meeting at Oakmont’s Mystery Lover’s Bookshop.  Nancy Martin (author of Have your Cake and Eat Him, Too and four other Blackbird sister mysteries) so kindly invited me to join even though I don’t write mysteries.   I do read them and love hers especially.  Thrillers, suspense, courtroom stuff.  I enjoy it all, but I don’t think I can write it.

I learned some good stuff tonight about layering characters by taking “the heroine’s journey” into consideration when writing.  Very cool stuff.  Great group of people. 

Two thumbs way up for last night’s Grey’s Anatomy.  Love George’s woman to death.  Love that she told off Izzy.  Izzy who’s making me nuts with her looney vigil over waiting for my heart transplant man.  Prob. doesn’t even need one.  Just his way to get a model to stare at him all day.

Loved the vet introduced at the end.  McDreamy and his wife annoy me beyond words.  McDreamy serves no purpose if not available for dating.  He’s not interesting otherwise.

Loved nude Christine.

Very good show this week…just my opinion…


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  1. I loved it too. I think Denny is cute, George’s girlfriend is interesting (which makes him more interesting), and Dr. Burke is hot as usual. I mean haaaahhhhhttttt.

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