View From the Zoo…

We go to the zoo all fall and winter when no one else is there.

The animals are psyched to see us (they really are) and the zoo keepers fill us in on little secrets and give us access to special things.

Today we got to the zoo and it was bursting at the seams with field-trip kids and all the people who haven’t been there for at least six months.  It was annoying.  And I was irritated that I was annoyed.  Who the hell am I to think the zoo is my personal playground?  Oh well.  Sometimes it is.

I would recommend that if you are having trouble conceiving and at all touchy about it that you stay miles from your local zoo.  Not only was the place overflowing with gawky, unmannered pre-teeny-boppers, it was pregnant with, well, pregnant women. 

Also present and accounted for was a racist family.  I’m being judgemental, but I tend to shy away from families from the north who sport confederate flag clothing, accessories and tattoos.  It just says something…

And there was the adventure racing dad with his 4, 6, 8, and 10 year old boys.  They all had those camel back water thingys that triathletes or anyone planning to expend their weight in water would wear as they kick some ass on the bike, trail and pool…they were scaling walls, and mounting play things (the park is intended for smaller, less agile kids I’m sure) in ways that I’d never imagined. Dad all along is coaching them, eating cottage cheese and sprouts.

To each his own…To each his own…To each his own…To each his own…

2 thoughts on “View From the Zoo…

  1. LOL Kathie — you sound like me! I get SO irritated with PIP (that’s People In Public) for various reasons. Don’t get me started on Kids Playing On Playground Meant For Smaller Kids!!

    HOW ARE YOU, girlie? Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I got out of the blog swing of things, and am now baaaaaaaaaaack………. 🙂

  2. Today I opened your page and a car zoomed across the top. What’s going on here? Have you gone all Nascar on me? What is the internet doing to me and all my friends? I feel the fresh ideas being sucked from my fingertips as I type. I think there’s an energy force conspiring against us out there somewhere.

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