I haven’t been blogging a lot because I don’t have much to say and my creative energy is going into the book I’m working on.  This one’s hard for me for some reason.  So I’m afraid to do horrible posts…please forgive if this falls into or skirts the horrible category of posts.

Bill O’Reilly and Newty Gingrinch are sharing screentime at this very moment.  Is there an uglier pairing, looks-wise or philosophically? 

Not that this hasn’t been discussed before, but is there any woman in politics or on TV as ugly as them?  There is no parallel.  Philosophically, they have ugly equals…Ann Coulter, random guest stars on random news shows.  But looks-wise, it’s a slam dunk–no match.

I’ve been stuck on the plot of my book.  One of the things that’s helped me “get into the action right away” was to look at the beginning of a book that I love and analyze what the author did…Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews.  The first chapter is awesome, lots of action and lots of indication of the main character’s fiesty personality.  That’s helped me and created a ton more work.  That’s my job, but until the plot is solidified in my mind, the discomfort level kills me.

What’s weird is I can write a first draft (beginning, mid, end) not knowing every detail, but once I get to revision, not having the answers I need sears my brain.  Is that right, sears?  I have a spelling block to go along with my math block.  Oh well.  I’ll get it someday.

More Crap:

My nebby ass is damn curious about this TomKat baby and the Brangelina child on the way.  Can they give birth already.  I’m sure this TomKitten actually exists.

Brad Pitt looks like like a deer in headlights.  I think Angie will dump his ass within six months of giving birth and he’ll go crying back to Jen who will screw up her relationship with Vince.  These people…they’re VERY distracting.  Hehehehe

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